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The mobile market in South Africa is one that’s traditionally been dominated by two brands: Blackberry and Symbian.

However, as technology has developed and tastes have changed, consumers are now turning to a new portable platform: Android.

Although the industry’s established players are still very much a force in the market, Android devices now account for roughly 22% of the country’s operating systems.

So, what does this have to do with South African online casinos?

Given the fact that Android mobiles are now the fastest growing mobile device in the country, online casino operators have been quick to embrace the technology.

Over in Europe the Android casino scene has been growing steadily for the last few years and, now, players in South Africa are getting a taste of the medium’s power.

Data gleaned by Deloitte Digital at the start of 2014, Android devices now account for 48% of the sales across South Africa this year.

Moreover, that figure has been increasing on a month-by-month basis as users get to grips with the operating system.

In fact, as the South African online casino continues to evolve, Android apps and platforms look set to dominate the market heading into 2015.

If this is the case, what things should you look out for when you’re searching for an SA Android casino app?