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Welcome to the BET-IBC Frequently Asked Questions section.

Here you will find answers to the most common issues.

Please refer to the list below and click the question you're interested in - you will be taken to the appropriate answer automatically: Q1: What means “you can withdraw the yesterday balance”?

A: Yesterday balance means the amount of money on your betting account you had the day before requesting the withdrawal, available to bet. As an example: Yesterday balance 500 EUROToday you win 1000 EUROTotal Balance is 1500 EUROAmount you can withdraw is 500 EURO ( yesterday balance).

This is done as a protection against resettlement and as a result of certain Asian bookmakers performing only daily settlements with agents.

Q2: Why should I bet at MAXBET instead of at another bookmaker?

A: MAXBET offers higher betting limits and better odds than anywhere else.

Q3: Why should I sign up at MAXBET over this website?

A: MAXBET doesn’t accept just anyone – registration is by invitation only.

We are an approved partner of MAXBET and are therefore qualified to create an account for you.

Q4: Can I still bet with BET-IBC if I only make small wagers?

A: Yes, our services are available to all bettors, regardless of how small your bets are. A: We earn a commission based on the turnover our bettors generate. A: The minimum deposit amount is 100 Euros or the equivalent value in other currency.