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White was an influential leader of the secretive organization known as Quantum, as well as a high ranking member of Spectre organisation.

He introduces Le Chiffre to the African warlord Steven Obanno, and has Quantum's honeypot Yusef Kabira completely seduce and deceive HM Treasury liaison Vesper Lynd. Some years prior to the events of Casino Royale, Mr.

He appeared as the secondary antagonist of Casino Royale, the tertiary antagonist of Quantum of Solace and reprises the role in 2015's Spectre where he appeared as supporting anti-hero. White got married-presumably to a French woman- and spent his wedding night in a hotel in Tangier, L'Américain,to which he and his wife returned every year, inferring that they were very much in love at one point. When she was old enough, they brought Madeleine with them, indicating a happy family life.

Blofeld says he once visited the White family home, suggesting that Mr.

White was already a high-ranking member in Spectre, and was close to Blofeld.

One night, a man came to White's house, in order to kill him.

Madeleine, who was playing in her bedroom, and was unnoticed by the intruder, saved her father's live by killing the man with a Beretta M9 pistol that her father kept under the sink in the kitchen.

Some time after the incident, Madeleine grew estranged with her father and his lifestyle as a callous and ruthless assassin, which leads to her leaving for the Sorbonne and severing all contact with him.

A 'long time' prior to the events of Spectre his wife had also left him. White is first seen representing Quantum, and brokers a meeting between Le Chiffre and LRA commander Steven Obanno.

White introduces them so Le Chiffre can bank $101,206,000 for Obanno. White and Obanno are not notified of the casino tournament.

Le Chiffre loses this money, due to Bond's intervention, and plans to cover the loss by winning up to $150 million at the Casino Royale tournament, hoping to do so before Mr. While Obanno is enraged over the loss of money, Mr.

White is more concerned that Quantum's reputation has been damaged because a contractor betrayed their trust. White storms Le Chiffre's boathouse where he kills Le Chiffre's henchmen.